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The safety photocell also gave the door its name. Since the radar consists of sensitive resistances to light, it detects the incoming person thanks to its motion-sensitive sensors and transmits the motion command to the door. Depending on this feature, problems such as the door being constantly open or constantly opening and closing by itself may be encountered due to reasons such as sensitivity settings not being well adjusted or the direction of the motion sensor scanning the area is not well adjusted. For this reason, our photocell door, which has been installed, needs to be adjusted by expert personnel.

How Does the Photocell Door Work?

Let's explain how the photocell door works by considering the parts of the system one by one…

Photocell System
Photocell system is a safety system that prevents live or inanimate objects from getting stuck in between when the door is opened or closed. Decell system is a safety system that prevents the door from being jammed when the door is opened or closed.

The Motion System
Photocell doors usually work with a weak current system of 12v DC and 24v DC. The output devices that can be used to move the door december work in these voltage ranges. Photocell doors usually work with a dry contact trigger system. Devices such as radar, card pass device, encrypted pass, fingerprint reader device, hand sensor, face recognition device, retina scanner can be connected to photocell doors and can be operated actively.

Movable Wings

These materials in the sliding door are usually made of aluminum, and the weight of a single wing reaches an average weight of 50-60 kilograms. The total weight of the wings can vary between 100 -120 dec.
Automatic photocell sliding door wings are made of aluminum material or they can be manufactured and applied in different ways such as stainless, wooden to suit the decor of the area to be applied. It was considered appropriate to use 4 + 4 laminated glass for safety on the movable wings of the photocell door, this feature is specified in all specifications. 4 + 4 laminated glass is more durable than flat glass in case of possible hard impacts and minimizes the possibility of injury because it is not distributed in case of possible fractures. In addition, it saves you time until the glass replacement of the photocell door is made. Because the tempered glass disintegrates on impact, the door becomes inoperable. Due to its entanglement, tempered glass constitutes a security vulnerability.

Photocell Sliding Door Motor and Movement System

As we mentioned earlier, since photocell sliding door motors operating in the voltage range of 12V DC and 24V DC are used, we also use motors operating between these voltages. Decembers The difference between these engines is that the production locations are different. Usually engines of Chinese, German, Turkish origin are used. Motors manufactured in China are not preferred because they use the servo system instead of the encoder reader system produced in Europe and Turkey. Encoder motors transmit to the motherboard by reading the closing and opening distances of the door when the door is opened. By taking this information as a reference, stable operation is ensured by giving the necessary movement and power to the motor. Motors with encoders produce power at a value of rpm. The photocell gate motor rotates in a slot with a copper winding and generates power. Engine prices vary depending on the quality of the material used. Our domestic engines produced today are also very high quality, convenient and economical. We also recommend domestic engines to support domestic production.

Engine and Executive Assembly

The most important part of the door is the engine and the executive part. These parts work together to open and close the door. If these are set correctly, the door will not slam. In this way, deformation is reduced and silent operation improves its performance. That is why, as Ankara Photocell Door company, we continue to offer you systems that work quietly and reduce deformation.

Control Panel Management System

It creates the brain of the Automatic Door. We can set how the door will be controlled, which modes to choose.

These functions are:
Normal mode is the mode that can be turned on and off,
Night mode is the mode that stays off continuously,
Open mode is the mode that stays open continuously,
Half mode is the mode that stays on until half is usually preferred in winter.
Why Should We Use the Photocell Door?
Photocell (Automatic) Sliding Doors are advantageous in every kind of issue you can think of, if you need to exemplify…
Hygiene is one of the biggest problems of today, hygiene allows you to switch without having to touch the door, which is the type that people will prefer the most.
It also provides great comfort for citizens with disabilities, the elderly and children. So you can improve people's satisfaction.
It is safe against accidents that will occur. Automatic Doors mounted on aluminum profiles and tempered glass are very difficult to break and deteriorate.
It is convenient to use outside the security feature. A button, a magnetic card, or an encrypted panel can be used to open the door. In this way, you have a system where you can easily switch to the parts of your business that you don't want to be entered in at the time of need.
It provides a very large energy saving, and they use little electricity, and because the doors close automatically, they create a very large heat saving. It is stylish and aesthetic. It can be designed in many desired ways. It can be designed for your businesses in accordance with their apartments, there are even models that go inside the walls.

Where is the Photocell Door Used?

Although it is more preferred in places such as hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, business inns where there is a lot of human traffic, it can be used in all the structures you can think of.

How Many Kinds of Photocell Doors Are There?
There are several types of photocell doors. These are Single-Bladed Door, Double-bladed Door, Hermetic Door, Telescopic Door and Semi-Telescopic Door.

Monoplane Automatic Doors are designed in such a way that they can be opened to one side. Biplane Photocell Doors are designed in such a way that both wings can be opened and closed.

Hermetic Photocell Doors are known for their leak-proof feature, these doors do not even reduce internal and external pressure. To explain it easily, they work like refrigerator covers.

There are telescopic and semi-telescopic designs that we make only in Turkey. These doors are in the form of three parts. One of them remains stationary, while the other two doors open and close so that they are on top of each other. These designs are quite functional even in the most confined spaces.

What are Photocell Door Malfunctions?

There are two possible reasons in case of an overvoltage. Excessive mains voltage 2. A short circuit in the engine or electrical circuit. In cases where it is necessary to check the mains voltage, which must be done, it is necessary to replace the control unit.
Sudden opening of the flaps (emergency push button is activated) The bridge between the bravo 10 and terminal 11 must be checked and decoupled or replaced depending on the situation.
If the Photocell Door does not close, there may be a jam that prevents the door from moving, or there may be situations such as a low voltage coming to the motor. The wheels and profiles of the door that need to be made should be checked and corrected if there are any jams. If there is a problem with the engine, it should be checked and corrected, if necessary, it should be replaced.
If the Switch Button is in Continuous Operation, the device connected to the switch button must be controlled and interfered with.

If the cause of the photocell Failure is an obstacle between the photocell system or the system is defective, the optics should be cleaned if there is a broken or short circuit in the cables, it should be repaired accordingly dec if the system is beyond repair, it should be replaced.

In the event that the Automatic Door Opens on its own, the internal radar sends a signal to the control panel for more than 5 seconds, which means that the connections must be checked and replaced if necessary.

Professional Staff

Professional Staff

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On Time Delivery

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Quality certificates

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