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Industrial Sectional door; It is designed for factory, warehouse and parking lot entrances. Sectional door is also used for material and vehicle entry and exit points.

Our sectional doors made of steel polyurethane filled sandwich panels provide the highest level of safety and energy saving. Sectional doors, which can also be manufactured using transparent plexiglass, are preferred in showrooms and service entrances due to the transparency they provide.

Sliding it to the ceiling allows for more efficient evaluation of the areas of use indoors and allows you to use the door opening more clearly.

The sectional door works by sliding in the side rails, using the space between the ceiling height and the upper dec of the door most conveniently. The door can be installed in different ways in accordance with the distance of this gap. (it can be applied with standard, low, high and guillotine bedding options.)

Industrial Sectional Door Detail

In addition to the fact that the motor systems of the sectional doors can be controlled by remote control, they can also be controlled with the help of a key control unit.

Sectional doors that play an active role in vehicle and pedestrian traffic can be applied as a standard push-button, manual pull-out type with chains or with a remote control.

Sectional industrial door systems work with a direct shaft clutch motor system on the side or with a chain system with a carriage that is processed in the same way.

It is an ideal system for all industrial structures such as factories, warehouses with motor or manual operation.

Sectional Doors have a security system against spring breaks and rope throws.

Special details are available on the panels and rails that prevent finger compression.

Industrial Sectional door systems provide trouble-free and safe loading and unloading in enterprises with level-adjustable ramps and truck chassis compactor loading bellows that are applied together.

Sectional industrial door panels are pulled by wrapping steel ropes on drums of various types depending on the size and bearing shape of the door. If the ropes break in any way or the springs break or are damaged, the door is prevented from falling thanks to the rope break safety system and the spring break safety safety security system.

Sectional Door Panel Detail

The panels of 615 or 495 mm forming the door are connected to each other by hinges of panel-colored electrostatically painted steel, aluminum or stainless steel.

the panels with a thickness of 42 mm and a thermal coefficient of 0.78 W/m2K were dec of two steel, aluminum or stainless steel sheets, between which were filled with polyurethane foam with a density of 40 kg / m3.

Inside the panel there are strong steel sheets that increase wind resistance. The wind strength of our panels is 80 km/h.

Thanks to EPDM gaskets, high insulation against rain and wind is provided on the sides, bottom and top.

Sectional door systems panels with a standard white color (inside-outside RAL 9002) can also be applied in different RAL colors in accordance with the exterior of the building.

The sheet metal sheets on the front and back surfaces of the sectional industrial door panels are solidly joined to each other in four layers. For lighting purposes, double-walled acrylic glass windows can be opened in any order on the door panels.

Sectional Door Service Door

A section of the door can be divided with fixed panels to regulate pedestrian traffic on doors with a large sectional door width. A personnel access door can be placed inside these fixed panels. In cases where the width is not too large, the personnel passage door can be opened on the movable panels of the door. In this alternative, the industrial door and the personnel door are opened and closed as a whole. In cases where the service door is open, the engine will definitely not be activated and will prevent your door from jamming.

Features of Sectional Doors

Rope break safety system
The spring set consists of a double spring
Spring loaded bumpers
2” galvanized steel rail set
Aluminum top sealing profile
Aluminum bottom support profile
EPDM bottom sealing gasket
EPDM top sealing gasket
Hollow shaft with wedge channel
Hollow shaft with wedge channel
for doors wider than 6000 mm, 65 mm omega wind support sheet is used
The Door Handle
Rear link C profile
Bottom sealing gasket
Side sealing gasket
after 5500 mm, a double side hinge and a long wheel are used

Advantages of Sectional Doors

It is Easy to Assemble,
Heat and Sound Insulation are high,
It works noiselessly,
It turns on and off with a little power consumption,
Opening the door does not provide a loss of space,
Provides the ability to work in accordance with the structure of your building,
The clear opening of the door is fully used,
Parts and components are easy to change,
The working environment is illuminated by opening window systems,
The personnel entrance exit is provided by installing the service door on the panel door.

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Professional Staff

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On Time Delivery

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Quality certificates

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Ostim Mahallesi 1232. Cadde No:109

0850 495 05 05

0530 900 30 04

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